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Creating New Space

Where it all begins: Plots and Restructuring Measures

How is a piece of land turned into a building plot with great potential and what are the possibilities for development? Which types of real estate projects are promising in which locations? Where do I find a suitable property for my real estate project? - These are the kind of questions in which Greif & Contzen’s department for Plots and Restructuring Measures has successfully provided support to numerous customers in the past. Among our customers are property developers, investors and owner-occupiers from the areas of residential, commercial, retail, industrial and logistics properties. We are your competent partners from the first contact through to the conclusion of a contract and in many cases even on to procuring planning permission.
Whether it be developed or undeveloped land, existing buildings with expiring leases, vacant premises, conversion areas or special-purpose properties: The Greif & Contzen experts are familiar with the many aspects that must be analysed and assessed in order to successfully develop or convert such sites and buildings.
Our consultation is based on a holistic approach that includes an analysis of the overall situation and the development of concepts for use that are suitable for a particular location and considering building law requirements, the current status of the market and possible risks and opportunities. We strive to provide owners or potential sellers with optimal perspectives for utilising their properties.

Property Developers

Over the past few years, Greif & Contzen have arranged for numerous plots and existing buildings to be taken up by residential property developers - ranging from small vacant plots via larger conversion sites through to district development projects. The scarce availability of building land for residential property developments has led to increased activities in the area of repurposing properties that were formerly used for commercial purposes. Due to their urban locations, such properties are perfectly suitable for a future residential use, once the requirements under building law have been met. In cooperation with our subsidiary Greif & Meyer we also engage in site development from an early stage.

Office Buildings / Hotels

The Cologne region is growing. This is a positive development that also causes some problems. Among the most pressing of these is the scarcity of space in favourable locations. We are particularly pleased therefore to have been able to support numerous project developers, owner-occupiers and operators during their search for suitable sites for new office and hotel properties. Among these are both plots for new buildings and existing premises for conversion or refurbishment projects.

Commercial, Industrial and Logistics Space

Project developers and owner-occupiers rely on Greif & Contzen when it comes to developing new commercial, industrial and logistics premises. Because we like to think one step ahead. Regarding the scarcity of space, for example: Let us talk about brownfields - former industrial areas that can be made marketable once again. 


For many years now we have been successfully assisting our customers from a wide range of trade industries with finding suitable locations and premises, including food retailers, wholesalers, the automotive and catering industries. Here at Greif & Contzen we are familiar with the different industries and their requirements regarding plots, locations, infrastructural site characteristics and planning opportunities. Settling in a new location has become more difficult and complex, but we are going to find a solution for you.