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Fully let: New construction project “KUBIKON Ehrenfeld”

Mission completed: „KUBIKON Ehrenfeld“ in Cologne’s district of Ehrenfeld is now fully let. The property developer and owner GAG Immobilien AG had tasked the real estate experts from Greif & Contzen with coordinating the marketing activities for the new building complex. Around 8,700 square metres of office space have now been successfully placed in the market. 35 commercial tenants have rented premises in the new neighbourhood, which is located on Grüner Weg, between Vogelsanger Strasse and Weinsbergstrasse. The overall construction measure “Grüner Weg”, the commercial part of which is accounted for by KUBIKON Ehrenfeld, provides an opportunity for combined living and working in Cologne. The centrally located former brownfield area has a total size of around 25,000 square metres. The commercial units are designed to cater for space requirements of 75 square metres and up.

Small rental units with high standards
KUBIKON Ehrenfeld consists of four buildings with individually designed yet coordinated architecture. The three buildings “NEO | 3.6“, “PUR | 4.4“ and “ART | 4.5“ are intended solely for office and commercial use. The ground and first floor of “MIX | 4.3“ also comprise office and commercial units, while the upper floors are designated residential space.
The KUBIKON Ehrenfeld approach: Providing small rental units with high standards and state-of-the art fixtures and fittings. It has proven popular: Small and medium-sized companies in particular have taken up units in KUBIKON. As was to be expected in Ehrenfeld, a number of those tenants are from the creative and consultancy industries. However, there are also several tenants from the social sector as well as doctors, including a specialist for paediatric and adolescent medicine. Further tenants include a provider of professional beauty products and the catering company “Lunchbox” that is going to add a cafeteria to the new neighbourhood. It is fair to say that the new and lively urban district with high standards of living has succeeded to attract a balanced mix of residents.

Revitalised industrial wasteland
The site on Grüner Weg had lain fallow for many years, before GAG took up its activities. Cologne’s biggest landlord made ideal use of the development potential of the site in the district in Ehrenfeld, by creating new residential space and smaller commercial and office units. Ehrenfeld is among Cologne’s most popular districts and well-known for its urban, alternative and creative flair. The overall property project Grüner Weg, which KUBIKON Ehrenfeld is a part of, has contributed to a further development of the city district by adding its signature blend of residential, commercial and office space.