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Press Releases

Greif & Contzen arranges office space lease for basketball organisation

BBL GmbH takes up space in Cologne-Mühlheim

Education provider takes up space in Cologne-Niehl

Greif & Contzen arranges for around 1,600 square metres to be let to BBZ...

Greif & Contzen brokers the sale of a commercial property in Cologne-Porz

VONEXIO GmbH from Cologne is going to use the facility as a fulfilment centre

Professional training at LESKANPark in Cologne

Greif & Contzen arranges for an office space lease with a training company

Greif & Contzen brokers lease for commercial premises in Kerpen

Sonepar Deutschland will use the warehouse in the district of Türnich for goods...

Office space expert Andreas Reul joins Greif & Contzen

The real estate professional from JLL in Cologne stays in the city

Market Reports

Cologne’s office space market: COVID-19, politics and market development in the months ahead

What will the future of Cologne’s office space market look like, and what are...

Investment Market Cologne: Cologne’s investment market is boosted by the stable office space market, and a high transaction volume can also be observed in the residential segment.

Cologne’s real estate investment market is thriving. At around 2.9 billion...

Commercial property market Cologne|Bonn: very noticeable lack of space

A total of around 285,000 square metres of industrial, storage and logistics...

“Office buildings are not becoming redundant but are being transformed”

Greif & Contzen presents its latest report of Cologne’s office space market:...

Cologne’s real estate investment market: the COVID-19 pandemic leaves its mark, yet demand for investment properties remains strong

A total transaction volume of around EUR 5.3 billion was realised in Cologne’s...

Office space market Cologne: “optimism during the crisis”

The real estate experts of Greif & Contzen draw a positive picture in their...